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Fail Faster

Apr 13, 2022

Alex Weingart returns to our show to build on his last topic "How to PM Your Life", this time focusing on treating your career as a product, and managing it accordingly. Alex (who has served as Director of Product & Design for TV Guide, Metacritic, GameSpot, as a product lead at CBS and Microsoft, and will soon be joining Shopify as a product leader for their consumer app Shop) draws on his experience as both employee and hiring manager to share key product frameworks you can apply to career planning and job transitions. He discusses everything from identifying goals for each stage of your career to evaluating your current job and other prospective jobs in light of your goals. And, if your current job falls short, Alex shares key tactics to conduct a successful job search, from top-of-funnel cold emails, to interview prep tips, to compensation negotiation. If your work life has felt stuck (regardless of your stage in your career), this is the episode for you.