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Fail Faster

Sep 17, 2021

Alexander Weingart is the Director of Product & Design at Red Ventures, the #1 digital media company in the US. Red Ventures has a stable of well-known brands like CNET, Lonely Planet, Bankrate, and Healthline, and Alex is specifically responsible for all the Gaming & Entertainment brands, a portfolio that includes TV Guide, Metacritic, GameSpot, GameFAQs, and more. 
Alex shares some of his key stories across his career in consumer media at companies of all sizes, both as an individual contributor, as a manager, and the transition between the two. Beneath his stories lay valuable lessons: speaking up, focusing on engagement before growth, the criticality of power users, the 3 areas to excel into transition to management, a framework to manage people, and staying focused on what you can control. He ties it all together by applying the learnings of product management to your personal life: creating a personal roadmap, creating & breaking habits, and regularly reflecting on failures & successes. 
Also, Alex is hiring PMs & Designers (example: Please reach out to him directly on LinkedIn ( to find out more.