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Fail Faster

May 26, 2023

Kelly Bowker, Director of Experience Design at EverQuote, a Boston based online provider of insurance policies joins us as she explores the role of luck in professional success, Kelly emphasizes that luck is not only about chance, but it can also involve favorable circumstances and events that work for or against individuals. She highlights the importance of self-reflection, being aware of one's strengths and limitations, and recognizing what one has control over. She shares personal experiences and insights on managing teams, she stresses the need to prioritize internal teams for effective job performance and regularly assess one's job alignment with personal values and potential.
Kelly is reflecting on how she becomes a part of someone else's story and describes how people are always seeking the next shiny object and how the expectation of delight decreases over time as things become normal. She brings to surface, how humans crave change, even while also desiring stability.